Do Greek Australians need to file Income Tax Statements in Greece?

OPA Magazine, May 1, 2012

Any natural person, receiving income in Greece is obliged to submit income tax statements there, regardless of his nationality or his residence, as long as his or his spouse’s annual income exceeds the amount of 3.000 € or, even where his income is less than the amount of 3.000 €, if this income includes losses from agricultural or commercial activity. However, subject to the submission of income tax statements in Greece is any natural person who is subject to income tax only for the income that derives in Greece (regardless of the total amount of income).

Foreign residents are taxed for the income that is received in Greece. In general, foreign residents are taxed under the same provisions as Greek residents, with several particularities applying for them. Therefore, obliged to file income tax statements in Greece, are people who may reside abroad, but receive income in Greece, actual or presumed (i.e. from purchase of properties, from building constructions, purchase of cars of high value in Greece, purchase of boats, etc..), when their annual income is over €3,000 for the specific financial year.

Regardless of receiving actual income in Greece, foreigners/Greeks residing abroad are obliged to file income statements in case that they:

  • received income from leasing real estate property in Greece and their income is over €600per year;
  • acquired real estate properties in Greece or raised buildings;
  • run their own business in Greece;
  • purchased cars, boats etc in Greece;
  • are members of a partnership (personal company); of a limited liability company; a joint venture; or a   company of the Greek Civil Code which practices in Greece;
  • are called to file income tax statements, upon the invitation of the Director of the  competent Tax Authority;
  • own in Greece one or more secondary residences;
  • have acquired rights of full or naked ownership/remainder (“psili kiriotis”) or right of life estate  (“epikarpia”) or  right of residence (“oikisi”) on real estate properties within Greece.

The deadline for the submission of income tax statements for the current year (2012) expires on June 15, 2012.

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