Additional documentation required for property conveyances/leases in Greece

OPA Magazine, September 15, 2011

According to Law 3661/2008, measures have been taken for the reduction of the buildings’ energy consumption. Subsequently, the new Regulation on Buildings’ Energy Consumption (Gov. Gazette Vol B No. 407/2010) has been issued. This Regulation adds one more document as a prerequisite for the execution of most purchase/sale deeds and lease agreements of buildings in Greece.

More specifically, this is a document required for: a) any purchase/sale of a new or totally renovated building, or b) any purchase/sale of building or part of building (i.e. apartment) or c) lease of building, d) any lease of part of the building which is being used as residence or business establishment which will be executed after 9 January, 2012. The issuance of this certificate is compulsory for buildings of total surface more than 50 sq. m., serving basic needs such as residence, offices, commercial use et.c.

The Certificate of Energy Attribution classifies the buildings in categories (there are nine categories, from A+ to H). The decisive factor for this classification is the buildings’ energy attribution i.e.  the energy which is consumed for meeting the needs of heating, cooling, lighting etc. The Certificate also includes several general information concerning the building (i.e. photo of the building, use, year of construction etc), information about the emissions of carbon dioxide as well as measures/recommendations regarding the amelioration of the energy attribution.

These Certificates are exclusively issued by engineers included in the Ministry’s of Environment lists (“Special Record of Energy Inspectors”). The relevant charges, start from the minimum fee of 150 Euros for the inspection of an apartment and of 200 Euros for the inspection of the entire building.

Unless such a Certificate is produced, no conveyance deed can be effected by the Public Notary and no lease contract can be certified by the Tax Authority.

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